Amazing '72 streetrod style Chevy Cheyenne.  Clean everywhere, beautiful interior.  Viper red according to the interview.

He also mentions that he initially started the build with the idea of racing it but since it turned out so nice he couldn't do it.  I'm not usually a fan of the fat tires in the rear but this truck looks great, really classy.  This Chevy could pass as just your typical lowered truck until it takes off.  Lot's of cool features, take a look at the video.


Video: ’71 Chevy Restoration and Modded

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Not really a “video”, just some still shots but still a really good documentary style sequence. This guy took his 1971 Chevy C10 pretty much frame off and did the suspension. Add some paint and nice wheels and this truck turned out clean.

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Get a Great Deal on a Vintage Chevy Using Craigslist

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A lot of guys love the look of a great vintage Chevy, either moded or stock.  Clean or with a layer of patina, lifted or lowered, there is a style of vintage Chevy truck for almost any Chevy lover.  Myself, I love the look of a slightly moded, lowered 68-72 Chevy C-10 truck.  No matter […]

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The ’72 Chevy Truck – An American Icon

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The 1972 Chevy pickup truck tends to be the favorite of the ’67-’72 series of Chevrolet C/K trucks.  Many enthusiasts would prefer to start with this platform for a restoration project because the ’72 Chevy truck is the culmination of all of the best features from that era of Chevys.  These pickups have only increased […]

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1972 Chevy Trucks

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The 1972 Chevy truck has the basic body moldings and build of the 1967-1972 build of Chevy trucks. There are certainly some styling cues that are different from the 1967 Chevy truck models and the ’72 models.  Notably, there was a new grill that was introduced, the egg crate version for Chevrolet and the black […]

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