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1972 Chevy Trucks

1972-chevy-truckThe 1972 Chevy truck has the basic body moldings and build of the 1967-1972 build of Chevy trucks.

There are certainly some styling cues that are different from the 1967 Chevy truck models and the '72 models.  Notably, there was a new grill that was introduced, the egg crate version for Chevrolet and the black paint styling on the GMC versions of these trucks.

The 1972 version of Chevy trucks also include the Cheyenne (Sierra for GMC) model and accessories.  This years model also includes many more comfort features that were not added on to previous years.  These trucks also have AM/FM radios installed in them from the factory.  Very cool!  Light duty Chevy pickups from this year also include disc brakes rather than the high maintenance drum brakes from other years models.

The 1972 Chevy truck is considered by many to be the best overall designed truck built to date.  This truck is timeless and lasts for years with proper maintenance and care.

1972 Chevy Trucks as Projects

1972 Chevy Lowered Truck 1972 Chevy Lowered Truck

These Chevy trucks make awesome restoration projects and are an awesome platform for a modified Chevy pickup truck.  There are not very many vehicles that can turn heads as much as a properly restored classic Chevy or a modified old school Chevy truck for that matter.

Driving on the freeway, we are accustomed to seeing a sea of newer vehicles on the road and the result is usually boring.  If you put a restored 1972 Chevy truck into the picture, things change pretty fast.  A clean, well restored Chevy truck can set you well apart from the rest of the rat racers on the highway.

A modified Chevy truck from this era will stand out also and since these vehicles are relatively common when compared to other body styles form this era, you could conveivably have a classic modified Chevy truck for much less than, say, a Camaro.

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