Moded 72

The ’72 Chevy Truck – An American Icon

The 1972 Chevy pickup truck tends to be the favorite of the '67-'72 series of Chevrolet C/K trucks.  Many enthusiasts would prefer to start with this platform for a restoration project because the '72 Chevy truck is the culmination of all of the best features from that era of Chevys.  These pickups have only increased in popularity over the years and should be a favorite of Chevy pickup fans for many years.  This is especially evident when you look at eBay auctions as the prices for quality '72 Chevy trucks is steadily rising each year.

The most sought after versions of the 1972 Chevy pickup tend to be the fully loaded trucks with big blocks.  The preference of bed size usually leans towards the short bed but many enthusiasts are scooping up the long beds as the 1972 shortbed Chevy trucks are getting harder and harder to find, not to mention much more expensive.

Classic '72 Chevy Truck

Since the demand for these trucks keeps going up, many project starters are content with lower quality, more banged up classic Chevy trucks as these are much more common and fairly easy to acquire.  With some effort and money, these enthusiasts are taking some very beat up trucks and making them into street worthy head turners.

Custom 1972 Chevy Truck

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